What To Wear

How should you pack for your Folly Vacation? It will depend on the time of year and what you are going to be doing! Folly Beach is most popular from June- August- if that is your time and place, you can pack pretty light- temperatures frequently hover in the 90’s, with good humidity- fortunately the frequent island breezes generally keep it pleasant. Bathing suits are definitely a staple- bring a few, as you’ll want to rinse and dry in between salt water frolics. Lightweight, light colored clothing is best- there are several brands that offer SPF rated gear. Don’t forget a hat or two- this will be an important accessory on the sand. Beach trips represent an opportunity to leave the socks behind, and revel in the pool slide, sandal, or flip flop. Sunblock or sunscreen is also a necessary staple for most- apply liberally and often! As an added accessory look into cooling neckwear- it may seem odd, but a cool wet neckerchief can provide extraordinary benefit on a hot day. Folly typically doesn’t experience what many further north consider a “winter,” but we do see the temps cool during Fall/ Winter/ Spring. You will need to pack a bit more, but generally no hat, gloves, or parkas necessary! A light jacket and long pants generally serve during this time- but definitely check the weather before you pack. If you make it to Downtown Charleston during your visit, don’t be surprised to see tailored vests, lots of linen, and some seersucker- folks do enjoy a bit of sartorial license here. Off Island, museums, plantation visits, daytime tours all require footwear that allow for putting some steps in. In the evening, feel free to dress up southern style, but be aware that most restaurants and bars lean towards the casual, so no penalty to keeping it casual.