Hilton Head Water Sports: 5 Ways to Explore the Atlantic

The time to book and plan a summer escape to South Carolina’s sunny Hilton Head Island is right now before vacation rentals slowly dry up over the coming weeks. There’s a great deal of uncertainty attached to this global pandemic, but this strong community is primed to return to normalcy sooner rather than later, thanks to the hard work from all who call the island home. Sunset Rentals boasts the island’s most eclectic mix of vacation rentals, ranging from seaside complexes to private, dreamlike pool homes. Naturally, families are itching to journey to our sandy, picturesque paradise to sunbathe on the beach, bicycle through the island’s core, and, of course, explore the vast Atlantic Ocean. There’s never an offseason for Hilton Head water sports, especially for those with a penchant for aquatic thrills.

The Top 5 Hilton Head Water Sports

With mid-June rapidly approaching and businesses gradually reopening, this summer aims to be yet another glorious chapter for you and your family. To ensure that your long-awaited island escape is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled five of the most popular Hilton Head water sports. There’s never been a more suitable time to motor deep at sea in search of true tranquility and perhaps a mid-day adventure.


While it’s not uncommon for our guests to arrive with their yacht hitched to their vehicle, it’s worth noting that several local companies offer affordable full-day boat rentals. The good folks at Sea Monkeys Watersports, for instance, have a small fleet of speed boats, one of which is bound have your name on it. Rates start at just $250, and fishing equipment is available for rental—a nice added perk for those hoping to hook a unique creature from below, such as sheepshead, whiting, or cobia.


Speaking of colorful aquatic creatures from the deep: Fishing remains one of the most beloved Hilton Head water sports. Whether you plan to toss a line into the Atlantic from a local pier or a world-class fishing charter, there’s no doubt that you’ll hook your dinner if you’re patient. Captain Hook (no, not Peter Pan’s arch-nemesis) and Integrity Charters both have stellar reputations for chasing down sizable species, including barracuda, marlins, and even sharks.


By now, you likely know that kayaking ranks among the most peaceful Hilton Head water sports. Kayaking is an ideal mid-day activity for families who cherish the tranquility that comes with the island’s various saltmarshes and hidden creeks. While most tours don’t trek into the ocean per se, you will obtain faraway views of the big blue. The island’s many marshes and creeks play host to friendly bottlenose dolphins—and rentals are made readily available at nearly every watercraft outfitter at very reasonable prices!


Paddleboarding, much like kayaking, requires a lot of core stretch. But balance is the name of the game. We typically recommend H2O Sports for those who aim to learn how to board. Otherwise, the previously mentioned Sea Monkeys provides $40 all-day rentals for experienced paddlers. Paddling in the Lowcountry is a must for those who cherish natural beauty, wildlife, and a healthy dose of serenity.


Island Head and Sky Pirate both provide some of the most exhilarating Atlantic adventures on a daily basis, most notably those sky-high parasailing expeditions. Unlike most Hilton Head Island water sports, parasailing takes place high above the sea. In fact, many “flights” drift 800 feet above the azure Atlantic. It’s an experience, unlike any other.

A Well-Deserved South Carolina Family Vacation

Hilton Head Island remains one of the most beloved South Carolina vacation spots, particularly for those who revere the sand, the sea, and the sophistication of a stylish island vacation rental. Sunset Rentals has its finger on the pulse on the ever-changing travel industry. We know precisely what a family, group, or couple wants and needs in a vacation rental. That’s why most homes and condos include a pristine private pool, chef’s kitchen, high-speed internet, sleek architecture, and close proximity to the bike path, beaches, and countless restaurants that boast the freshest seafood in the county. Please browse through our extensive list of homes, condos, and complexes at SunsetRentals.com. With over 250 unique properties, you’re bound to find one that suits your family’s size, style, and budget perfectly!